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ghost skull and a person holding two pistols

Call of Duty Ghosts vs Black Ops: Two Iconic Pillars of the Series

Call of Duty, the renowned first-person shooter series, has shaped the landscape of video games with iconic chapters that have challenged players to epic levels. Among these, Black Ops and Ghosts emerge as two fundamental pillars of the famous saga. In this new Gameplify article, we will compare these two titles, exploring their unique features and the impact they have had on the gaming community.

soldiers with guns
Call of Duty Ghosts on the left, Black Ops on the right

Setting and Plot

One of the key aspects that differentiate Black Ops and Ghosts is their setting and plot. The former, developed by Treyarch and released in 2010, is set during the Cold War and follows the missions of a CIA special forces team called “Operation 40,” and the protagonist Alex Mason. Its main story is characterized by plot twists, double-crossing, and covert operations, making the game thrilling and engaging.

On the other hand, Call of Duty Ghosts, developed by Infinity Ward and released in 2013, transports us to an alternate future where the United States fights for survival against the “Federation,” a coalition of South American nations. We take control of surviving special forces soldiers, the Ghosts, who unite to fight the enemy invasion. The plot is characterized by a strong sense of brotherhood and vengeance, fueling the determination of the protagonists.


Game Mode

Both titles offer a variety of game modes, both in single-player and multiplayer. On one hand, Black Ops features a compelling campaign, divided into historical missions and epic gameplay moments, along with a classic multiplayer mode that introduced new mechanics and iconic maps.

first person shooter
Call of Duty Black Ops gameplay

Regarding Ghosts, we have an equally engaging campaign, focused on the tactical abilities of the Ghosts squad. Ghosts’ multiplayer mode introduced innovations such as dynamic map movement through “The Drones,” allowing new gameplay strategies.



Graphics and Design

At a graphical level, both games have stood out for their visual quality. Black Ops presented detailed and realistic graphics, capturing the atmosphere of the Cold War era. The faithfully recreated settings added depth to the plot and the overall gaming experience.

first person shooter with helycopter
Call of Duty Ghosts gameplay

On the other hand, Ghosts has taken the visual experience to new heights with extraordinary and detailed graphics. The spectacular scenes and futuristic setting have transported players into a captivating yet ravaged world, perfectly integrated with the storytelling.


Legacy and Impact

Both Ghosts and Black Ops have left a significant impact on the hearts of players and in the history of the Call of Duty series. Black Ops has become an icon for its engaging plot and memorable gameplay moments, becoming one of the most beloved sagas among fans.

Similarly, Ghosts has earned a special place in the gaming community for its touching story and innovative gameplay dynamics. Though it has sparked discussions, it has contributed to shaping the future direction of the franchise.

two soldiers with guns
Ghosts on the left, Black Ops on the right



In conclusion, Call of Duty Black Ops and Call of Duty Ghosts are two cornerstones of the series that have captured players’ attention with engaging stories, thrilling gameplay modes, and spectacular graphics. While Black Ops tackled the Cold War with intrigue and action, Ghosts took us to an alternate future where the determination of the Ghosts challenged defeat.

Both titles are integral parts of the Call of Duty legacy, continuing to inspire and entertain players worldwide, showcasing the lasting influence of the series in video game culture. It would be truly wonderful to have a remake of both titles for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X!

And you? Have you ever played these two wonderful Call of Duty titles? Let us know your experience below in the comments!