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anubis palworld

Dominate Palworld with the Best Pals to Capture

Welcome to Palworld, a captivating blend of monster taming, crafting, and open-world exploration.

In this unique adventure, you’ll embark on a journey to capture, train, and utilize Pals – remarkable creatures that can be your companions, workers, and partners in crime. With an extensive roster of Pals to discover, choosing the right ones is crucial for success.

Here’s a guide to the best Pals you can capture in Palworld, categorized by their strengths and utility.


Top Combat Pals: Unleash Devastating Attacks

  1. Anubis: A majestic canine Pal with incredible strength and durability. Anubis boasts a powerful Ground-type moveset and can even learn the elemental Fire skill, making it a versatile force to be reckoned with in battle.

    anubis palworld
    By Pocketpair
  2. Blazamut: A fiery bird Pal that brings scorching heat to the battlefield. Blazamut excels in melee combat with its formidable Fire-type attacks, and its ability to ride it adds another dimension to your offensive strategies.

  3. Loupmoon: A nocturnal wolf Pal that strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies. Loupmoon’s agility and ferocity make it a formidable opponent, especially in packs. Its ability to learn powerful Dark-type attacks further enhances its combat prowess.


Supportive Pals: Enhance Your Team’s Abilities

  1. Lovander: A gentle plant Pal that offers invaluable support in battle. Lovander’s Heart Drain ability allows it to absorb damage from its allies and replenish their HP, making it a lifesaver in intense encounters.

  2. Chirone: A wise bird Pal renowned for its healing expertise. Chirone can mend your Pals’ wounds and even revive them from defeat, ensuring that your team never falls in battle.

  3. Mimicut: A mischievous creature that can mimic the appearance and skills of other Pals. Mimicut can temporarily transform into your other Pals, granting you access to their unique abilities and strategies.


Utility Pals: Simplify Your Adventures

  1. Chillet: A sleek aquatic Pal that can navigate rivers and lakes with ease. Chillet’s ability to travel across water significantly expands your exploration capabilities, allowing you to reach new areas and resources.

  2. Surfent: A majestic marine Pal that can glide effortlessly across the open seas. Surfent’s ability to be ridden as a mount provides a fast and efficient way to traverse vast bodies of water, making it invaluable for long-distance journeys.

  3. Shadowbeak: A mysterious Pal with the ability to soar through the skies. Shadowbeak can be ridden as a mount, allowing you to explore the vast landscapes of Palworld from a bird’s-eye view and reach previously inaccessible areas.



Remember, the choice of Pals ultimately depends on your playstyle and preferences. Experiment with different Pals to discover their unique strengths and synergies, and build a team that suits your adventurous spirit. With the right companions by your side, Palworld awaits you to be explored, conquered, and enjoyed.