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League of Legends 2023: The Best Strategies to Win

Are you ready for an exciting journey into the world of League of Legends? With its explosive mix of action, strategy, and epic characters, this online game has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. It’s much more than just a video game, and we know it; it’s an engaging experience, a forge of friendships and challenges, and a way to immerse yourself in a fantastic world full of adventures. Whether you’re a new player approaching this universe for the first time or a veteran ready to conquer new challenges, this fantastic game awaits you with its epic battles and engaging stories. Get ready to dive into a universe of magic, clashes, and a passionate community like no other. Step onto the battlefield, showcase your talent, and with these tips, you’ll witness an epic struggle!


How to win in LoL competitive?

To achieve victories, a combination of skill, strategy, and team cooperation is required. There are no tricks like in other games, but you can cope with some strategies that truly skilled players use to reach Victory! For those who may struggle to bring home the results despite putting in relentless effort, here are some tips and tricks. Here are the best tips taken from the top players around and listed in this article one by one. I’ve been playing and following this video game for a solid 13 years, so take notes and learn them well!

Surely you have heard about it already, Are you sure to follow them when you are in a match?


squadra professionista mondiali lol in una loro foto di presentazione al mondiale
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16 tips that will help improve your chances of victory


1. Know your champions

Choose a few champions that you like and focus on them. Learn their abilities, combos, and mechanics to maximize their potential during matches.


2. Try out all the champions

Take a look at the abilities of the game’s champions! It’s a crucial element for playing based on anticipating the enemy’s moves. Remember, each champion has a counter pick, and of course, it mainly depends on your skills, but it’s still a good advantage over the opponent.


3. Study the runes

Each champion is different, and before the match, you will have the opportunity to select the runes (additional characteristics that allow players to customize their champion or playstyle before the game begins) most suitable for your champion, such as resistances, speed, area damage, among others. These choices may seem small initially, but they will make a significant difference throughout the match.


4. Study the map

Always keep an eye on the map to be aware of the positions of your allies and enemies. This will help you make informed decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises.


5. Communicate with the team

Communication is crucial in League of Legends. Use in-game chat or shortcuts to report enemy positions, plan strategies, and coordinate team objectives.


6. The Farm

The Farm” is a very underrated aspect, especially among novices, but it’s crucial. Practice killing not only enemy champions but also minions, and pay attention to cannon minions as they give more gold! Manage incoming waves and practice last-hitting to secure the gold they are worth.

If you can last hit an average of 7-8 minions per minute, you will be on the right track! Keep in mind that at higher levels, pro players can farm 300-400 minions in a single game, which on average lasts around 30-35 minutes.


7. Steal resources from the opponents

As soon as you have the opportunity, take away gold and experience from opponents by clearing monsters in their jungle and securing various buffs from dragons and blue and red monsters.


8. Try to reach level 2 first

In the early moments of the skirmish, there may be several trades between you and the opponent. Try to stay at a distance and focus solely on farming more minions than them to reach level 2 and unlock the second ability of your champion before the opponent. At that point, if you’ve succeeded and your health is still high, engage! Two attacks are more powerful than one, right? Of course, you need to be able to land them accurately.


9. Hit the opponent while they are farming minions

You’re right, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Many players take advantage of this moment to strike. Indeed, the opponent is distracted while attacking another target (we’re talking about split-second timing, so it will take time and speed, but you’ll understand when and how to do it as you play more).


10. Move your hero a lot

Moving your hero makes you more unpredictable in the eyes of the opponent. It will be very difficult for them to hit you with a targeted attack. The same applies when you strike. Move in a direction for a step to disorient them before hitting the opponent again. This is a technique commonly used by professionals called kiting.


11. Learn to manage resources

Carefully manage your gold and items. Purchase the most effective items for your champion and adapt your build to the needs of the match.


12. Exploit the objectives

Objectives such as dragons, Baron Nashor, and towers are crucial for success in the game. Try to control and exploit them to gain significant advantages.


13. Practice the mental map

Develop a “mental map” of the game, knowing the locations of objectives, points of advantage, and rotations. This will help you make quick decisions and plan your actions.


14. Play cooperatively

League of Legends It’s a team game. Collaborate with your teammates, coordinate actions, and try to work together to achieve common objectives.


15. Learn from your mistakes

Watch your previous matches and analyze your mistakes. Identify areas where you can improve and work on them to become a more effective player.


16. Stay calm

The game can be frustrating, but it’s important to stay calm and focus on the next actions. Avoid getting caught up in negative emotions and channel your energy into the game.

A piece of advice? If the chat becomes toxic, mute everyone and do your best. Being toxic towards others doesn’t help, and if you get reported by teammates or opponents after the game, you could be banned for days! If you still want more tips beyond what I’ve provided in this article, learn new ones.


Grandma’s Tips: How to mute a player

Option 1:
  • While in the game, type /mute <player’s name> in the chat to mute the player and all their emotes, pings, and chat messages for the duration of the match.
  • You also have the option to use /ignore on a player (essentially “super-muting” them) for the current match and future ones by using the command /ignore <player’s name>
Option 2:


silenziare un utente dal gioco di league of legends
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  • While in the game, press or hold the [TAB] key on your keyboard to display the match’s scoreboard.
  • At the bottom right of your monitor, after the player’s inventory slots, there are three icons that allow you to individually mute emotes, pings, or everything.

  • Learn to play with an unlocked screen on your champion, as it allows you to have a better view of your surroundings and what is happening away from you, enabling you to strategize and intervene more effectively. Usually, the key to lock/unlock the screen is the Y key on the keyboard. If you need to return the cursor to your hero, move the mouse towards yourself or press the spacebar (a faster and more automatic method that will center your champion on the screen).

  • Keep learning: League of Legends is a complex and ever-evolving game. Continue to learn and keep up with the game’s patches and updates. Experiment with new champions, strategies, and approaches to consistently improve your skills.


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Grandma’s second tip: Remember that winning in League of Legends requires time, practice, and dedication. Be patient and enjoy the process of improvement and growth as a player and future champion.



And now that you know all the strategies, practice and get ready to enter the arena. Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve managed to improve your performance. I’m sure that by coordinating your actions with my advice, you will become a champion in League of Legends. Now go, your adventure is about to begin!