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Every Ash Ketchum's Death: Drammatic Moments in the Pokemon Films

Despite being primarily aimed at a very young audience, the Pokémon series has not infrequently accustomed us to emotionally intense scenes. Sometimes, the well-known protagonist Ash Ketchum even lost his skin in front of the incredulous gaze of the audience. Here, in this new Gameplify article, we list all the times the Pallet City boy lost his life.


Tower of Terror (Episode 22, First Season)

During the first season, a compelling storyline emerges in which Ash, Misty and Brock venture towards the Tower of Terror. The goal, here, is to catch a spectre-type Pokémon, which is crucial to confront Sabrina, the head trainer who specialises in psychic Pokémon.

With tenacity, Ash and Pikachu enter the tower, accidentally causing a large chandelier to fall on them. This crucial moment creates a dramatic suspension. Furthermore, it generates a sense of uncertainty in the air.

Their bodies remain motionless, a scene that touches the hearts of those who know and admire them. However, Hunter, capable of extracting souls, enters the scene. Subsequently, he turns Ash and Pikachu into ghosts, binding them to the ghostly Pokémon they were trying to catch.

But fate takes a surprising turn. Towards the end of the episode, in a moment of thrilling epiphany, Ash and Pikachu’s ghosts return to their bodies. This miraculous return to life fills Brock, Misty and all fans of the series with joy.

A demonstration that friendship, perseverance and overcoming challenges can break through the barriers of mortality, brightening any darkness.

five ghosts looking at the floor from above


Pokémon the Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Again

In ‘Pokemon the Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back‘, a scene of profound intensity and emotion emerges. During the epic clash, Mew and Mewtwo battle with a fury that reflects their incredible powers.

Amidst the chaos of this titanic battle, there is a poignant moment of heroism. Ash Ketchum, with determined eyes and a desire to protect his friends, stands as a fragile but indomitable bulwark between the two legendary Pokémon, getting caught up in a powerful explosion.

And then, silence. A surreal stillness. There lies Ash, now petrified as a statue. Surprisingly, his face becomes a mask of eternal serenity, set in stone while his spirit seems imprisoned in an incomprehensible world.

A wail of anguish and hope spreads. The tear-filled eyes of the Pokémon reflect their tumultuous emotions. This scene touches deep chords, exploring human frailty and the struggle against higher forces.

As Ash lies petrified, the Pokémon present begin to emit a brilliant light from their shed tears. This light, an emanation of affection and hope, unites and envelops Ash. Subsequently, the light manages to break the spell that had turned him to stone. The union of strength and friendship on the part of the Pokémon creates a powerful miracle that brings Ash back to life, bringing joy and relief to his friends and everyone present.

petrified boy with pokemon next to him


Pokémon: Lucario and the Mistery of Mew

In the film ‘Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew‘, there is an emotionally intense moment when Ash Ketchum faces a sacrifice to save Lucario and friends. This heartbreaking scene takes place during an epic battle against a powerful opponent, in which Ash shows extraordinary courage to protect those he cares about.

In the midst of the arduous battle, Ash makes a bold decision: he uses the Orb Sphere to absorb a destructive energy that threatens the entire scenario.

The scene is filled with emotion as Ash approaches the Orbe Sphere and exposes himself to the powerful energy. As the energy envelops his body, his face reflects a moving determination mixed with a sense of sadness. Ash’s friends, including Lucario, watch helplessly stunned.

After the light and dust dissolve, Ash lies motionless on the ground, lifeless. It is a heartbreaking moment that leaves Ash’s friends anguished and locked in a supportive embrace.

As the energy of the Orb Sphere prepares to consume Ash, Mew suddenly appears and uses his powers to surround Ash with a healing, protective light. This special light repels the destructive energy, saving Ash’s life and bringing him back to consciousness. It is a moment of miracle and surprise, in which Mew’s intervention demonstrates his pivotal role in helping Ash and bringing hope in a time of despair.

boy holding a Pokémon's hand


Pokémon: I Choose You

In the film “Pokemon: I Choose You!”, an extraordinarily emotional moment occurs when Ash Ketchum finds himself in mortal danger. The scene takes place during a battle against the mighty Pokémon Entei when Ash and Pikachu put themselves in danger to protect each other.

As the battle reaches its climax, Entei launches a devastating attack. Ash bravely rushes forward to protect Pikachu from the destructive impact, putting his own life at risk. Such scene is permeated with tension and despair as the audience holds their breath, fearing the worst.

The energy of the attack envelops Ash and Pikachu, creating an aura of uncertainty and anguish. Ash’s friends, including Verity and Sorrel, watch with eyes full of dread and worry.

Eventually, Pikachu decides to go through a dimensional portal created by the energy released by Entei to bring Ash back to life. The little hero succeeds in his feat and is tearfully reunited with his best friend.

a ghost of a boy and a pokémon


Pokémon the Movie: Black-Victini and Reshiram

In ‘Pokemon the Movie: Nero – Victini and Reshiram‘, there is a tense moment when Ash Ketchum finds himself in mortal danger from extreme cold. This scene unfolds as Ash and his friends try to cross an icy and hostile environment. The effect of the cold becomes increasingly felt, putting Ash’s life in danger.

At the climax of the critical situation, Ash becomes weaker and weaker due to the icy temperatures. Ash’s energy runs out and the cold seems to overwhelm him. Ash’s friends, including Pikachu and Victini, watch in anguish and worry as he struggles to survive. But eventually, his heart stops beating, leaving his body lifeless.

The intervention of legendary Pokémon, including Victini and Reshiram, becomes a key factor in Ash’s rescue. Their energy and power combine to create an extraordinary event that changes the course of events.

With the help of Victini, Reshiram and the special bond between Pokémon and humans, Ash is rescued from the agony of the deathly cold. The scene turns into a moment of renewed hope and gratitude as Ash’s friends celebrate his return to life. Friendship, as well as the strength of the bonds between people and Pokémon is highlighted as Ash is resurrected from his critical situation.

a dead boy with two pokémon



In the fascinating world of Pokémon films, moments of drama and emotion are intertwined with special bonds between humans and Pokémon. From films such as “Mewtwo Strikes Back” and “I Choose You!” to the gripping “Nero-Victini and Reshiram”, the stories told have involved us in extraordinary situations, poised between life and death.

In these moments, we see Ash Ketchum facing extreme situations, demonstrating courage and loyalty to the point of extreme sacrifice. What emerges is the powerful strength of the bonds between Ash and the Pokémon, which finds a way of manifesting itself in the merciless struggle of these fights. These films remind us that friendship and determination can overcome the most significant challenges, leaving us with intense emotions and admiration for the fascinating universe of Pokémon.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen these films! And for more stories and news about the Pokémon universe, don’t forget to check out our dedicated section.