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by Starfield

Starfield: 5 Top Desires for Bethesda's Highly Anticipated New Release

Starfield release is approaching and we, at Gameplify, can’t wait to get our hands on it. Bethesda‘s new IP (intellectual property) promises fire and brimstone; the long direct of the game, shown at the end of the last Xbox Showcase, satisfied most viewers. Including ourselves, making our mouths water.

However, we still have plenty of questions about Todd Howard’s boys’ new title. Indeed, many aspects of the gameplay have yet to be clarified. So, here are five things we at Gameplify would like to see in Starfield.


A Moral System To Be Worthy

As is typical of Bethesda games, Starfield will be full of things to do, such as quests to discover and secondary activities to enjoy. And that is exactly what we are looking for in Bethesda games. While we complete the various quests, our character will gain more and more fame, which will presumably reach the many planets of the galaxy. Our decisions will influence the lives of many inhabitants and it is, therefore, to be expected that our choices will also influence our reputation, which we want to see reflect the evil or kindness of our actions.

If, for instance, we decide to exterminate an entire city instead of saving it, it would be implausible that an inhabitant, perhaps from the same planet, would then ask us to save his own city. After such an action, the inhabitant’s blood should freeze just after seeing us from afar. Or perhaps shoot us on sight, after shouting, “You killed my brother!”. Thus, what we would like in Starfield is to experience the consequences of our choices. We want each of our actions to be matched by a change in our reputation so that we can be remembered as we see fit. Whether as intergalactic criminals or as saviours of the galaxy.

Sistema morale in Fallout New Vegas
by Fallout New Vegas

This was the case in Fallout New Vegas, where ‘karma’ was gained or lost with each action. This value eventually influenced our character’s reputation.

In short, in Starfield we would like to see something similar, but, obviously, with a depth and structure worthy of the next-gen.


Deep and Articulated Crafting System

Those who have played Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 remember how much Bethesda focused on the crafting system. Indeed, here was possible not only to customize weapons and atomic armour, but to build real outposts to populate, fields to grow, and houses to rest in.

As for Starfield, the presence of a deep customization editor for our spaceship has been confirmed. Our shuttlecraft can be modified at will in virtually any aspect, adding new components or changing the color scheme. Additionally, the ability to find settlements will also be part of the experience. We will be able to build space stations to be inhabited, or simple structures to extract resources from the surrounding environment.

Even so, the depth of crafting as far as our personal equipment goes, such as weapons and gear, is still unclear. We do know that it will be possible to interact with it to modify its appearance and statistics, but to what extent? Will the modifications only affect the stats, or will they also change the appearance significantly, like in Fallout? Can we make a machine gun out of a simple single-shot rifle? Moreover, it would also be spectacular to be able to obtain weapons and armor from simple tools found in the game world. For example, turning a steel pipe into a double-edged blade, a stick into a truncheon, and so on… I mean, let only the sky be the limit for crafting!

We found the Fallout crafting system very rewarding, and we would like to see that depth, improved and refined, also in Starfield.

Starfield Spaceship
by Starfield


A Real Choice of Which Faction to Support

I have fond memories of the faction system in Fallout New Vegas. Here the factions are pitted against each other, and you cannot join all of them during the same run. In the case, for instance, that you choose to support the Republic of New California, you could not then join the Legion of Caesar. This makes sense since the two factions are declared enemies. Evidently, the game forces you to start a second run in case you want to explore other side quest lines.

     This is a system that we appreciated a lot because it increases the title’s durability while preserving its quality. Although, it should be remembered that Bethesda was not the developer of New Vegas. who only acted as publisher, but was Obsidian Entertainment, author of Outer Worlds and Pentiment. In these titles, too, we remember with pleasure the various ramifications the game could take. In contrast, Starfield will be developed entirely by Bethesda Game Studios, as it was for Skyrim and Fallout 4. Here, it is possible to reach the top positions of all the factions in the game in a single run. You can be both Archmage and Chief of the Companions of Jorrvaskr, even if the two guilds hate each other.

Therefore, what we would like is for Bethesda to take inspiration from Obsidian’s work to build a faction system that is as clean and realistic as possible, allowing us to play Starfield over and over again to explore all the side quests.


Land and Amphibious Vehicles

Starfield direct revealed that it will be possible to land on any part of a planetary body. Furthermore, the developers claim that 90 percent of the planets in Starfield will be uninhabited. Such choice is justified in the quest for realism and to provide the player with the sense of exploration that Bethesda loves so much.

In brief, this means that we will be able to explore an entire planet, traversing its enormous mountains and vast deserts. The explorable surface, thus, appears to be huge, much more than in any other Bethesda game. Okay that a planet’s gravity may be half that of Earth, but would you want to explore all of this on foot? No thanks. We want to be able to drift with rovers over lunar surfaces, and perhaps be able to dive with a submarine into the sea depths of unknown worlds.

Exocraft No Man's Sky
by No Man’s Sky

For this reason, we sincerely hope that Starfield will include the creation (or at least the purchase) of land and, additionally, amphibious means of exploration. Indeed, it would be a pity not to be able to take advantage of all this space to be able to try out the new, perhaps upgradable, turbo of a rover. If this were not the case, there is a risk that most players would abuse the teleportation function, neglecting the exploration factor. In fact, I don’t believe many of us would have the urge to traverse the surface of an entire planetary body with just the soles of our boots.


A Main Story worthy of Starfield

Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series have accustomed us to noteworthy and rather diverse side quests. Anyway, the main quests have never been the highlight of these works. Very often, side quests were even more interesting than the main ones. Main quests in Bethesda titles are too often linear and predictable, lacking in twists and memorable scenes. Alright, in Skyrim, you are the legendary Dragonborn, but that boils down to just using the Voice (basically more magic) and killing an indefinite number of dragons. In fights, by the way, that is everything but epic. In Starfield, it is not yet clear who we will be playing, whether a living legend as in Skyrim or a simple Lonely Wanderer as in Fallout 3. Apart from that, however, we would like the main quest to finally be inspired, and to be remembered in the gaming years to come.

What we, at Gameplify, would like to see in Starfield is, therefore, a change of course. We obviously welcome side quests, but we would also like to experience a major main story, one to be remembered for its memorability and the characters in it. After all, a space pioneer exploring a vastly unknown galaxy such as we shall be, could not fail to be remembered as a hero. But along the way, will the hero also perform heroic and extraordinary deeds? Let us hope so!

Moon Landscape
by Starfield



In conclusion, Starfield has had us waiting impatiently since its announcement back in 2018 when it was first unveiled during Bethesda’s E3. We firmly hope that Starfield will be able to communicate messages and feelings as profound as those described in our Fallout 4 article. With this hope in our hearts, we obviously wish Bethesda well and look forward to the release of Starfield.