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Three men in the snow.

The Day Before: A Promising Project Failed

Fntastic Entertainment, once surrounded by high expectations in the gaming world, introduced The Day Before as an epic online MMO survival adventure. However, despite the initial promises and player enthusiasm, The Day Before suffered an adverse fate, culminating in a rapid decline and premature disappearance from public attention. Let’s explore together the reasons behind this failure and the lessons to be learned from this experience.



Browsing through The Day Before’s Steam page after trying it out leaves quite an impression, knowing that much of the information there has little to do with reality. Fntastic has always aimed to sell its latest endeavor (and we mean in every sense) as an open-world MMO survival game, but in reality, it’s just a mundane extraction shooter that holds the unusual distinction of lacking any original ideas, starting from its narrative, which isn’t developed in any meaningful way after the game’s outset.

After the tutorial, where you create a character and meet the inhabitants of Woodberry, the game loses its narrative drive. You’re left with a mundane task: collecting items in New Fortune City, with repetitive procedural missions, lacking depth.


Shooter, are we sure?

Venture into The Day Before, where encounters with zombie hordes are rare. The gameplay revolves around accepting missions, gathering gear, and exploring New Fortune City. Survival hinges on avoiding other players, as zombies pose little threat. Despite its intriguing cityscape, recycled assets and minimal interiors disappoint. Extraction points, primarily in the city’s north, become hotspots for player clashes due to glitches. The character editor, though limited, meets expectations. Gunplay lacks precision and suffers from unreliable hit registration. The absence of first-person combat in a zombie-centric game is glaring. This game falls short of its potential in both gameplay and execution.

by Fntastic


Intriguing mechanics left untapped

The game hub boasts a gym and a sauna, yet they see little use. However, it’s worth noting that, despite its flaws and mostly empty shell, this title fares better than many Early Access titles on Steam. It has potential, albeit untapped. For instance, its equipment variety is commendable, with slots for clothes, hats, bulletproof vests, and helmets. The arsenal offers a surprisingly wide array of firearms, though customization options are limited. The game also introduces an intriguing mechanic: players can establish shelters post-apocalypse, a feature ripe for expansion. While it lacks depth in storytelling and interaction with purchased items, these mechanics hold promise if further developed by the developers.


Technical Aspect

The technical performance of The Day Before is abysmal. While visually captivating due to externally sourced graphics assets, the game suffers from significant technical deficiencies. Despite the picturesque New Fortune City, the title struggles to maintain acceptable performance, even on an Nvidia 3070 RTX at 1080p resolution. The main issue lies in persistent lag, rendering even advantageous firefights unwinnable. Basic animations and clunky interactions, such as boarding vehicles, further mar the experience. Sound design is rudimentary, with simplistic zombie and firearm effects. While potential for improvement exists, it’s unlikely to be realized.


A swift ending

From the outset, the game faced a rapid collapse, inundated with refund demands and culminating in the closure of the company. Its demise was swift and poignant, marking a disappointing conclusion to a project once filled with promise. Despite efforts to salvage the game, the overwhelming flood of refund requests and negative feedback proved insurmountable, leading to the inevitable shutdown of operations.



As a survival games enthusiast, I was initially intrigued by The Day Before’s first trailer and gameplay footage. However, something didn’t quite sit right with me from the start. As expected, the game’s failure didn’t come as a surprise, although it was disappointing nonetheless. It’s a result of the team’s lack of interest and the near absence of clear communication with the users. Now, I’m curious: what are your thoughts, readers? Did you get a chance to play it before seeking a refund? Your feedback is invaluable. Thank you for joining me on this journey through survival games, and until next time, farewell.